Helpful and constructive advice throughout the design process.

Services Offered:
Design Assessment Service:
Assessing plans for compliance with legislative requirements. This service is particularly relevant for large developments, especially hospitals, theme parks, shopping centres etc. Compliance can be with the Approved Document for Part M of the Building Regulations or BS 8300 2018, Parts 1 and 2. In Hospital Design, Health Building Notes are also used to assess compliance along with Health Technical Memoranda. In health buildings I have a particular interest in provision for people with dementia.

Access Strategies for Building Regulations:
Sometimes it is not possible to comply with the requirements of the Approved Document for Part M of the Building Regulations, for many reasons. If this is so then an Approved Inspector or the local authority Building Control may well require an Access Strategy, also called an Access Statement, to be written. I have written hundreds of Access Strategies or Statements and all have been accepted by the local authority or Approved Inspector.

Audits and Appraisals of the Built Environment/Facilities: 
Often clients ask if I can do an Access Audit of their facilities, however, it may be more cost effective to simply have an access appraisal carried out which is not as in depth as an access audit, but gives a good indication of where access needs to be improved.

Negotiation when a client is threatened with litigation/Handling of disability complaints:
If a customer is threatening litigation or is pursuing a complaint in terms of the Equality Act, I am happy to act as negotiator, liaising with them to avoid court and make sure that you are not being scared into making compensation payments which are disproportionate.

Access Statements for D+A Statements (Planning):

I write Planning Access Statements as part of the Planning Application’s Design and Access Statement. Please note that I also operate in Scotland and Wales, ensuring compliance with their national technical standards. I offer a pragmatic service, seeking to ensure that the needs of everyone can be accommodated in a cost effective and practical manner without compromising on provision.